Linen Care

How to Care for your Beautiful Linen:


100% long staple cotton

Sateen weave

300 thread count

Care Instructions:

Machine wash with similar colours using a warm cotton cycle

Using too hot a cycle can cause shrinking and fading

Air dry or machine dry using moderate to low heat - high heats can cause cotton fibers to shrink.

Iron on medium to high heat while fabric is slightly damp. Use steam as needed.

Note that ironing can usually be avoided by air drying or removing immediately from the machine.

How to Care for your Pillow Protectors:

Your terry towel pillow protectors will keep your pillow inners like new and if you’ve tried our pillows you’ll want to protect them! Pillow protectors come complete with discreet zip fastening.


Terry towel, made of 50% cotton, 50% polyester

100% PVC waterproof backing

Durable, breathable and hypo-allergenic

Care Instructions:

Washable at 40°C

Do not dry clean

Do not iron

Do not tumble dry

Do not bleach

How to Care for your Microfiber Duvet Inners:

Microfiber fabric is composed of extremely fine fibers of polyester. They are super soft and will resist pilling better than traditional polyester fabric does.

Microfiber is not to be confused with the lesser hollowfiber which has hollow space between the fibers, whereas microfiber has very fine fibers that are tightly woven together, giving you that bouncy, softer feel.

Care Instructions:

Place the duvet into a large machine with a small amount of mild liquid washing detergent

Wash on a cool/warm, gentle cycle so as not to stress the seams

Can be tumble-dried on a low heat. Remove from the dryer and shake a few times during the cycle.

Please ensure the duvet is completely dry before removing from the dryer to prevent damp or mildew.